Sweden: Follow Melodifestivalen rehearsals live from Malmö

by Gil Laufer 347 views

The rehearsals for the second semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2015 are about to kick off. The seven artists will perform their songs for the first time on the stage today. On Saturday we will know who will go direct to the final, who will get another chance, and who will leave the competition.


10:40 – It’s Linus Svenning on stage now. Unlike last year, this time he’s accompanied with six drummers and four fire spots! “An international version of Bröder” as we wrote yesterday, but performed so joyfully so you the watchers are getting a positive feeling as well. Will he reach the final again?

11:50 – It’s Magnus Carlsson asking us to meet him in the old city (Möt mig i Gamla stan) along with six dancers and smoke effects. The performance is very polished and professional and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for this schlager veteran to take himself to the next stage of the competition.

11:54 – Magnus’ optional clothes for the show are presented:

12:10 – Coffee break!

12:35 – Samir & Viktor invite us all to take a Groupie. Fun song, fun performance, fun all over the Malmö Arena. Although marked as “this year’s Sean Banan’ after the first listening, the duo delivers a smooth performance without messing around too much. The monitor boxes on the stage are moved and changed all the time, and let us not forget to mention the guess appearance of Conchita Wurst on them!

13:25 – Neverstore is a pop/punk-rock band made of three people. Their song, If I was God for one day, sounds like the typical songs we hear on the radio. It is performed well, however the band is placed on a mini-stage placed on the stage, what makes the performance still and relaxed compared to the previous performances we saw. Will it be enough for the Swedish voters? We will have to wait and see.

14:55 – After a short lunch break we are back with the two Melodifestivalen veterans, Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen. They sing their song while seated at different directions on a sofa and end it standing together. The power in this song comes from the girls’ voices and not from the performance itself. Will it be enough to attract the Swedish voters?

15:35 – Emelie Irewald brings us another quiet song, this time in Swedish. With what seems to be the lighting department of the nearest IKEA, she makes a brilliant effect of light and darkness that might give her a higher final placing than we may expect.

16:15 – Take Horehronie (Slovakia 2010) and make it Swedish, no other way to explain this magic. Four dancers and many wind machines are enough for Mariette to let us Don’t stop believing. A strong song that catches you from the first time, and it will be a big surprise if we won’t see her in Stockholm.

16:42 – The rehearsal day is now over. Stay tuned to ESCToday.com fore more updates from Malmö
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