Sweden: Melodifestivalen Semifinal 2 – What can we expect?

by Gil Laufer 197 views

Tomorrow the rehearsals for the second Melodifestivalen 2015 semifinal will begin. Right before the rehearsals will go in full speed, we have collected some important information for you!

First, if you haven’t seen the building work in the Arena – check out the video below:

After listening to all seven acts that will compete this weekend, it seems that upcoming semifinal is going to be much stronger than what we saw last week in Göteborg. Every song is different and only the performances and staging will reveal more about the chances of every song.

  1. Linus SvenningForever starts today: Seems like an international version of Bröder, Linus’ entry from last year. The message and the vibe are very similar but the message from this year’s entry is softer.
  2. Emelie IrewaldDär och då med dig: A dark yet hopeful ballad, remind of the Laura Närhi’s version for the Finnish song Hetken tie on kevyt.
  3. Samir & ViktorGroupie: This year’s Sean Banan. A song that is probably directed towards the younger audience who’s following Melodifestivalen.
  4. NeverstoreIf I was God for one day:  A representation of the “Ethnic” Thomas G:son, a rock song with celtic motives. Listening to it made me think somehow about his entry in Melodifestivalen 2010, Thursdays.
  5. Marie Bergman & Sanne Solomonsen – Nonetheless: A very American slow country song with very good vocals. The performance will make it or break it.
  6. Magnus CalrssonMöt mig i Gamla Stan: Good old schlager by a one-man Alcazar. Sounds like we heard dozens of songs like this in the previous decade, but it is well made and makes you wanna dance.
  7. MarietteDon’t stop believing: The night’s black horse. A strong and surprising ethno ballad that could have fit easily in the Irish Eurosong.

Tomorrow morning the first rehearsals will take place at the Malmö Arena and we will be there to bring you more live reports and updates.