Watch now: Notte 4 of Sanremo 2015; Semi-final night

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The 65th Sanremo Music Festival continues this evening with night four of the event – the semi-final. Tonight, the 20 Campioni (Big Artists) acts will perform their entries in the semi-final stage of the festival where the public, jury and audience will decide their favourite acts of the night. The final 4 Nuove Proposte acts will also compete in the Grand Final of the Newcomers section of the festival.

How to watch


The show will kick off at 20:30 CET via the following channels:


About the show

Following their initial performances over the first two nights of the biggest and most prestigious Italian festival, the 20 Campioni acts will once again perform their own song entries on the Sanremo stage.

The participating artists along with their song entries are as follows:

  • Annalisa – Una finestra tra le stelle
  • Malika Ayane – Adesso e qui
  • Marco Masini – Che giorno è
  • Chiara – Straordinario
  • Gianluca Grignani – Sogni infranti
  • Nek – Fatti avanti amore
  • Nina Zilli – Sola
  • Dear Jack – Il mondo esplode
  • Alex Britti – Un attimo importante
  • Biggio e Mandelli – Vita d’Inferno
  • Moreno – Oggi ti parlo così
  • Bianca Atzei – Il solo al mondo
  • Raf – Come una favola
  • Lara Fabian – Voce
  • Grazia dI Michele e Mauro Coruzzi / Platinette – Io sono una finestra
  • Il Volo – Grande amore
  • Anna Tatangelo – Libera
  • Nesli – Buona fortuna amore
  • Irene Grandi – Un vento senza nome
  • Lorenzo Fragola – Siamo uguali

You can find out more about this year’s Sanremo participants here.


During the semi-final and Grand Final stage of the festival, the voting procedure will differ from the voting of the first two shows which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Whilst a combined vote will once again take place, the shares of the vote have altered.

The voting will be as follows; 40% of the results will be decided by a public televote, 30% will be determined by an expert jury and a final 30% will be settled via an audience vote. These votes will then be combined with the votes from the first two shows of the festival (disregarding the results from Thursday’s cover show).

Once these votes have been combined, the Top 16 acts which receive the highest scores will qualify to the Grand Final of the show which will take place tomorrow, Saturday 14 February.

Nuove Proposte

The Nuove Proposte Grand Final will also take place this evening where the 4 finalists will be distributed into pairs to perform their entries at the Newcomers stage of the festival. As with the Campioni section, the qualifiers will be decided via a 40/30/30 combined vote.

The 2 acts which receive the highest percentage of votes will go on to qualify to the Superfinal stage of the show. The votes will be reset and the voting procedure will begin again, with the act receiving the highest percentage of the votes going on to win the Nuove Proposte section of the 2015 Sanremo Music Festival.

Sanremo 2015 Agenda

  • 10/02: Sanremo Notte 1
  • 11/02: Sanremo Notte 2
  • 12/02: Sanremo Notte 3
  • 13/02: Sanremo Notte 4 (Semi-final of Campioni with twenty acts)
  • 14/02: Sanremo Notte 5 (Grand Final of Sanremo 2015 with sixteen acts)

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