A Gunvor comeback?

by Steve Holyer 56 views

Gunvor Guggisberg told reporters yesterday that she wants to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. “I think the Contest is simply a cool platform, and I dream of a second chance,” she said. The singer represented her native Switzerland in 1998, but she went home with Nil points. Now she says she has sent an entry to various national selections, but not to Switzerland. As reported today in the Swiss commuter paper 20 Minuten, she thinks Switzerland wouldn't give her a second chance.

"Yeah it's true," Gunvor said to reporters, "I've applied to take part in the next Eurovision Song Contest." While she says she sent an entry to various national selections, she declined to say which ones. While this could simply be a publicity ploy, the singer – who largely disappeared from the spotlight after her disappointment in 1998 – usually avoids talking about the Contest and her "painful" memories of the time.

After she was selected to sing Lass ihn in the Eurovision Song Contest held that year in Birmingham, the singer became a media darling in Switzerland. That is until a national tabloid dug up a series of embarrassing stories from her recent past. Gunvor seemed ill-prepared to deal with the press attention and followed the revelations with a few cringe-worthy attempts to take on the tabloids in talk-show appearances. While many speak highly of her appearance in the Contest in '98, she failed to earn a single point. After returning home to Switzerland, she largely disappeared from the scene though she has been working steadily in musical theatre around the country.

"It will be hard to reach the current Final, but one can only try," Gunvor said.

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