The Dana Interview

by Benny Royston 64 views

In 1970, Dana captured the hearts of Europe with her song All kinds of everything to deliver Ireland her first Eurovision Song Contest win. Today, the much anticipated autobiography is released. Dana spoke to about the book, her political career and much more.

Can you tell us about your book 'All kinds of everything'? What madeyou want to write it?

It covers my life story from birth to present day and includes being raised in the musical city of Derry, Eurovision, my show business career, subsequent foray into politics and back into show business.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Remembering dates and events! This was particularly difficult in the chapters dealing with the political phase of my life as I was often referring to what other politicians said or did. Because everything is recorded, filed or printed for posterity, I had to double and even treble check everything because you know how sensitive politicians can be about being quoted accurately!!

The Eurovision Song Contest must be a major part in your story, on reflection what are the memories you take from it?

Happy memories, the shock of winning took me almost six months to get over. I remember the thrill of meeting Mary Hopkins and how lovely she was to me. Also meeting Julio Iglesias; very handsome and wearing a long black cloak that he swirled like a bull fighter.

What can you remember from the night you gave Ireland their first success in the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 1970?

The memories mentioned above plus the flash of hundreds of light bulbs from the international scrum of photographers as I walked back on stage as the winner. The interviews that followed on all through that night till the early morning. Speaking to my father on the telephone and hearing him tell me that neighbours had practically broken into our flat and carried him shoulder high along the landings singing All Kindsof Everything.