Live: 5th Icelandic semi final

by Marcus Klier 83 views

The fourth semi final of the Icelandic selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.


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After the customary introduction by Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, there is a recap of the song Lífsins leið which did not reach the final last week but will get a second chance in the 12th week. There is also a recap of the four songs that are already qualified for the national final on 16th February.

The first song tonight is called Drepum tímann and was composed by Dr. Gunni.It's adisco pop song with some minor rock influences. The music style reminds of Austrian singer Falco and so does the outfit: the male singer is dressed in a classic black suit while his female co-contestant is wearing a black dress. Overall a confident performance and probably the most unusual song in the Icelandic selection so far.

Magnus Por Sigmundsson has composed the second song which is called Johnny. It's a ballad in a country style which adds another genre to the widespread Icelandic selection this year. The singer is Seth Sharp who has already won the third semi final with the song Lullaby to peace. The style of the song is reflected in his outfit which includes a leather jackett and a stetson.

Bardi Johannsson is the third composer tonight with the song Ho, ho, ho we say hey, hey, hey which is another disco song, this time more in a techno style. The stage appearance is rather spectacular featuring much dancing and half-naked dancers and drummers and confetti falling from the ceiling. The tune is pretty simple and therefore catchy and very 1990s!

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