Call for songs in Israel

by Itamar Barak 52 views

IBA and Israeli Channel 2, who are together producing the 2008 national final, Kdam-Eurovision, have decided to allow all writers and composers from the wide public in the country to submit songs to the contest. The national final is now expected to be held in the early weeks of 2008.

It seems now that the level of interest in the Eurovision Song Contest among artists and musicians in the Israeli industry is still low despite the innovative and glamourous twist it was supposed to have after IBA decided to cooperate with the commercial Channel 2. This is the reason why the two channels have decided recently to open the contest to the public. A campaign aiming to call all composers in the country will be launched soon through a special video clip which will be broadcast on IBA and Channel 2. Participants are still expected to be chosen from among the finalists of the 5 seasons of Kohav Nolad (local Pop Idol), but as one member of IBA's board said, "It is not necessary that only Kohav Nolad participants will be among the candidates".

A six persons jury will select the songs and participants of the Kdam-Eurovision: Three from the IBA and the rest from Channel 2. The Kdam-Eurovision will be broadcasted in early 2008 on Channel 2. The live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade will be on IBA. The final entry for the Song Contest will be selected by televoting and juries vote.