The MTV Europe Music Awards was star-studded affair

by Steve Holyer 213 views

MTV broadcast its European entertainment spectacle, the MTV Europe Music Awards, live from Munich to over 100 countries last night. The evening featured performances from Chemical Romance, the Foo Fighters and Mika as well as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. In addition to the main awards, local awards were handed out. Eurovision Song Contest runner-up Dima Bilan (2006) scored the 'Best Russian Act' award, but other Song Contest participants went home empty handed.

The Ark (2006) was nominated for Sweden's 'Best Regional Act' award, but Ola Salo and company were upset by the punk trio Neverstore. Sertab Erener (winner, 2003) and Kenan Dogulu (2006) were both nominated for the 'Best Turkish Act' award but lost to the Turkish rapper Ceza.

Unlike the typical Eurovision Song Contest, the MTV European Music Awards rely on mega-wattage star power, often from North America, to hold viewers interest in the live show. This year Snoop Dogg took over hosting duties from Justin Timberlake who had the gig last year. Die hard Eurovision Song Contest fans should note that the Snoop Dogg conducted a live orchestra, though they turned out to be half-naked women miming to playback. It seems that the live orchestra really might remain relegated to the past. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty's messy personal lives are dominating the event's headlines – especially after Amy did not show to walk the red carpet. She was in attendance, however. She appeared overwhelmed, or confused, by the audience's enthusiastic response when she accepted her 'Artist of the Year Award'. The 'Artist of the Year' is one of the few MTV prizes that is selected by industry professionals and not by MTV viewers. The artist appeared in good form later when she wowed the crowd with a performance of Back to black.

Avril Lavigne, Nelly Fortado, Tokio Hotel, and Muse are some of the other nominees who also took home awards. The Estonian group Bedwetters were voted "New Sounds of Europe". One of the 'interval' acts, Mika, was seen sneaking out the back door of the venue before the show ended. He apparently did not make it to the after party headlined by superstar producer Wyclif Jean.

MTV has announced that next year's MTV Europe Music Awards will be held in Liverpool, England.