L'amour à la française… as a demonstration

by Dominique Dufaut 130 views

With Fatals Picards' Eurovision Song Contest entry L'amour à la française as a soundtrack, an amateur video shown on Youtube, Dailymotion and Valleywag, has become a surprise internet hit. The news was reported in the webzine's chronicle of French TV channel i-Télé as well as on economic weekly magazine “L'Expansion”.

The clip deals with the dismissal of 90 AOL France employees. On 16th October, all of the personnel that were being made redundantget together and made a 3-minute video, which begins around the photocopy machines and ends in the street…

This one-shot "lipdub" was supposed to be an internal joke but it quickly spreads outside, due to its quality and funny way of complaining about the situation. Will it save their jobs?

You can watch the video below.