Denmark: The dream lives on after Aalborg

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The Dansk MGP 2015 is over. Denmark chose its song for the Eurovision Song Contest in a heart-stopping voting sequence after ten brilliant performances. Now a new path opens up for the winners and the rest of the participants.

The Danish national final started brewing a long time a go. The country’s broadcaster DR struggled to make a very special gala, announcing improvements and features for its Melodi Grand Prix that predicted something spectacular.

The expectations were great. And they were fully met. Starting with a luxurious stage and arena that gave the impression of being in the Eurovision Song Contest already. The production of the event and the broadcast was flawless, beautiful and mesmerizing and masterfully host by Esben Bjerre Hansen and Jacob Riising. The participants Sara Sukurani,Tina & René, Marcel & Soulman Group, Cecilie Alexandra, Andy Roda, Julie BjerreAnti Social Media, Anne Gadegaard, Babou and World of Girls enthralled the public in the Gigantium in Aalborg with a parade of performances that made it difficult to choose just one.

The songs and the artists in the competition made up a musical panel that made it hard to choose a favorite and predict a winner. There bets and predictions and favorites for all the tastes.

The slogan of the Dansk MGP 2015 was Drømmen lever (the dream lives). The dreams of the artists were alive for 3 minutes on stage. And now that the dream of the DMGP is over, the dreams for the future get a whole new meaning.

When the winners, the band Anti Social Media, talked to and the international press they clearly stated that they were happy and ready to enjoy their victory and their path to Vienna. The four members were euphoric after winning. As they said, they were experiencing all kinds of feelings. They were surprised, happy crazy… Everything at once, as they told us.

Philip, Nicholas, David and Emil ado know the Eurovision song contest. Emil’s favorite is Lordi (Finland 2006), though the four guys expressed some sort of admiration for the Polish representatives in 2014, Cleo (with Donatan, of course).

As a farewell gift, Anti Social Media pleased us a with a short sample of their Eurovision entry The way you are in the Danish language. Always with a smile on their faces and delighting everybody with their good humor. spoke to Cecilie Alexandra after the show, too, and we could hear from her that the final was amazing and nerve-wrecking; she is happy for Anti Social Media. For her, the best won. She was satisfied with the final result for her entry and very moved by the 12 points that she received from the first jury voting. Elaborating on the song itself, Hotel A is a bit special for the Danish song competition, but still I’m happy with my final position.

Cecilie will probably want to relax and rest a bit after all the action she has lived, but when asked about the future she is set to go on and try to use the chances of promotion that the Dansk MGP can provide. She would like and hopes to gives concerts from now on singing her own songs, and Hotel A, of course. And she will put her efforts into completing and releasing an album. Loooking forward to it!

Anne Gadegaard felt the sting of disappointment after being so close to victory, but yet she eventually declared to us that she was happy with her second position. Her plans for the immediate future include a tour; and for the long term future, time will tell, but an album is not ruled out…



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