Finding the “Greatest Swiss Hit”

by Steve Holyer 50 views

Swiss Television (SF1) is looking for the greatest Swiss hit of the last decades in a series of six special programmes broadcast on Sunday night. Nominated artists include Paola, Francine Jordi, The Pepe Lienhard Band, DJ BoBo, Gimma, Peach Weber, and Peter, Sue and Marc. Peter, Sue and Marc reformed for only the third time to perform a medley of their hits on the first broadcast tonight.

Tonight's broadcast was the first of six specials that will ultimately lead to the selection of the "Greatest Swiss Hit 2007". The series follows on from a similar special last year. On last year's programme the moderator and Eurovision Song Contest fan Sven Epiney asked DJ BoBo if he was interested in representing Switzerland in the Song Contest. DJ BoBo replied that he would "if it was the will of the people" and thus took his first steps on the road to Helsinki.

Song Contest observers who watched for clues about this year's Swiss internal selection on tonight's special, also hosted by Epiney, were left stumped. Although DJ BoBo appeared again tonight to talk about the programme's songs, he did not mention the Song Contest. Song Contest and sports commentator Beni Thurnheer who sat on the expert panel with Francine Jordi also did not give any clues for 2008. However, the high point of the evening for many was the return of Peter, Sue and Marc who represented Switzerland at the Song Contest four times (1971, 1976, 1979, 1981).

The trio performed a "playback" medley of their hits including their fourth place 1981 Song Contest entry Io senza te. This marks their third public appearance since they broke up shortly after the '81 Song Contest. Peter (Reber) has gone on to a very successful solo career; Sue (Schell) has also established a solo career, while Marc (Dietrich) works as a vintner. A new greatest hits collection from the trio is available and has fueled unlikely tabloid rumours that the group is reforming.

From tonight's broadcast to select the best Swiss "Emotions" song, Francine Jordi (2002) will advance to the final for her duet Träne with Florian Ast. Rounding out the top five greatest Swiss "Emotion" hits as selected by televoting in tonight's programme were Peter, Sue and Marc with their greatest hit Cindy, Göla (Schwan), Paola (Blue bayou), and Peter Reber (Jede bruucht sy Insel).

Next week the Swiss comedian Peach Weber will take part in the broadcast to select the greatest "Specials" song. Weber has said he was submitting his name to the Swiss internal selection this year because " t he serious singers have not succeeded, now the comedians must go." Gimma, the Swiss rapper who also says he wants to represent Switzerland will appear on another broadcast to select the greatest "Homeland" hit in mid-November.

Future broadcasts will also feature DJ BoBo (Chihuahua, category "Earworm"), The Pepe Lienhard Band (Swiss lady, category "Homeland") and another chance for Francine Jordi (Das Feuer der Sehnsucht, category "Love Songs").

A new album from Francine Jordi will be joining the new greatest hits collection from Peter, Sue and Marc on record store shelves. Her new CD "Dann kamst du" is due on November 16.