Denmark: A few words from Babou with

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From the training grounds of the X Factor, Babou comes to the stage of the Danish national selection with a very lively song. The beat is catchy. It makes you want to dance. Or better yet, it moves you to dance.

Babou will be trying to make it to Vienna with Manjana. A hint of Spanish with Danish lyrics. The result is quite attractive. Babou took a few minutes to ell about it…

How are the preparations for the Grand Prix going?

Pretty good. I’m not as stressed out as I was before we came to Aalborg. I got control over my nerves. Now I can take time to enjoy it. The rehearsals went well, so everything should be fin on Saturday.

The title is Manjana. A Spanish title with quite a particular script… What’s behind the title…?

Well, as far as I know, Manjana is Spanish for tomorrow. The song is about taking chances and not being too concerned about tomorrow.

Is the participation in the Dansk MGP taking a big chance?

It’s going to be really exciting. Hopefully I’ll win. That’s why I’m here. I don’t know if it’s risky. There’s always the possibility of not winning. But I’m more set on ust having a good time… And hopefully win.

Speaking of tomorrow, which clues can you give us on your performance on Saturday…?

I can’t reveal too much right now, but I can say that it’s going to be a huge celebration. It’s going to stick to the Eurovision spirit. It will be a party, and hopefully people will be jumping off their seats at home. That’s the whole point of it.

Regardless of the result, what are the plans for the development of the song?

We thought of releasing maybe a version in English. To let people know that it also works in English. Of course we’ll do it if we win. And if we don’t win we’ll try to make it a hit in Denmark.

The language. The song is in Danish. Having the chance to go for English from the beginning, why pick Danish as the working language?

I don’t know. In the beginning DR requested more songs in Danish this year. There’s been very few songs in English in the past years… We know that the song works in English, but Manjana is strong enough and we thought that we could take the chance and sing it in Danish. It can always be translated into English and still be a hit.

How about Spanish?

Well, that would be difficult… I don’t know any Spanish, and it might take longer than three months (the time left till the Eurovision Song Contest)… (Laughter came here).

Would you like to take the challenge of singing it in Spanish?

Maybe I would try it just for fun. But it would be hard for me to deal with the pronunciation. I’m afraid it would be awkward for the Spanish viewers, maybe… And the title is already there, it is something that can please the Spanish audience: Manjana. Hopefully they’ll appreciate it!

Thank you for giving us this time. Good luck for the Dansk MGP.

Thank you very much.

Babou will participate in the Dansk MGP 2015 with the entry Manjana.

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