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They are a new band. They have not been working together for such a longtime. But when you are talking to them the conversation goes so smoothly and you feel so fine with them around that it seems like they have been friends forever. An interview with Anti Social Media is an experience you do enjoy.

Four young men ready to take the stage. They are not nervous at all. You can feel the peaceful and joyful vibes when you are with Philip, Nicholas, David and Emil: Anti Social Media Humor is their trademark. You cannot stop laughing and feeling pleased when you talk to them. That’s the way they are.

Given that the title of your song is The way you are, why not begin with you guys telling us the way you are working together…?

We’re fantastic. We like each other. The song is a very simple, nice happy song. The main purpose is to make people happy, and we hope that we’ll succeed in that.

You described it as a 60s inspired song. Considering that you are so young, how do you feel about the 60s style?

We love it! Just look at us! (True! The attire is quite 60s-like!). We’re quite 60s-clothed… I think we’re inspired by the 60s.

You’re quite a new band, so you had a short time to share together. How was the experience so far?

It all comes naturally. We didn’t have any problems till now. We just play our music. We just do it and don’t really think about it.

How are you doing on the stage with the rehearsals so far?

Just some technical issues. Not really our problem. We were perfect! (laughter here. No harsh feelings for the Tech-Team!). Just a little conflict about the duration and squeezing the singing time. We’re almost set now. The stage is great and it all works beautifully.

Any hints of what we’ll see at the final during your performance?

Just look at all The Beatles performances, the feeling, the atmosphere… Check videos of The Beatles on YouTube and you’ll get the idea. It’s not simple, but it’s pretty basic. We’re happy and energetic. We have this chemistry on stage that we hope the audience can feel and see. No confetti and litter. Just boys having fun.

How do you feel about the possibility of representing Denmark in Vienna?

We’re going to give all we have to attain that. 120%! It’s very important to do the best we can, no matter what. Then it’s up to the Danish audience to vote.

Regardless of the result at the MGP… What are the plans for the future of Anti Social Media?Well, we get this question quite often. We’re a new band… But our main focus right now is the Dansk MGP, prepare the next couple of days… And then we’ll make the plans for the future.

Thank you for your time and good luck in the national final.

Thank you and nice to meet you.

Anti Social Media is a newly formed band that will attempt to represent Denmark in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with The way you are. For that, they shall compete first in the Dansk MGP 2015 in Aalborg.

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