Roger Cicero not deadly serious

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Roger Cicero believes the Eurovision Song Contest “has turned into a spectacle“. Germany's recent representative to the song competition discussed his experience with the talk show “Im Dialog” which will be broadcast tonight. “How much is really about the music is an open question.” It can't be measured by normal standards any more, according to the swinging Jazz musician.

Roger Cicero discussed his music and his Eurovision Song Contest experience in a one-on-one discussion with host Alexander Kähler for the talk show "Im Dialog". He tells the host that after his disappointing 19th place finish, he expected the German public to turn on him. However, he is happy the spiteful reaction never really materialized.

Cicero also discussed reactions to the lyrics of many of his songs. "I am always astounded, when people think my lyrics are deadly serious. There's a very, very big humorous component to my lyrics; that's really – at least I think it's really – very clear."

Taken at face value, Cicero's lyrics paint a picture of a macho, chauvinistic man. The lyrics for "Frauen regier'n die Welt (Women rule the world)" include "The way they walk and stand / They look at you / and suddenly you're opening your pockets and your heart / And you're buying them a ring and a fur…"

Another of his songs include lines which can be translated, "There's Diana, Sylvana and Tatiana in New York, Paris and the Copacabana / A man of the world doesn't settle down / I'm not the kind of man for just one lady."

The face to face talk between Roger Cicero and Alexander Kähler will be broadcast tonight at midnight local time (23.00 London time) on the programme "Im Dialog" on the 24 hour German information channel Phoenix. Phoenix is a joint venture between German broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

The programme should be streamed live here. Archives of previous broadcasts are found here.

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