Denmark: Anti Social Media flies to Vienna!

by Fernando Méndez 173 views

The vote of the audience and the juries have granted Anti Social Media the ticket to Austria in May to sing for Denmark in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

The evening was hectic in the Gigantium in Aalborg. After the 10 performances by the participants and the voting time, the juries announced their decision and the hosts detailed how the Danish viewers had distributed their points.


Following the change of voting system this year, the votes were as follows.

The vote of the jury yielded a first place for Anti Social Media, second for Cecile Alexandra and a third place for Anne Gadegaard.

In addition, the vote of the audience included a top 3 of Anne Gadegaard, Anti Social Media and Julie Bjerre.

After the votes were combined, the winner, Anti Social Media, stepped onto the stage to collect their ticket to Austria and for a reprise of the winning entry.

Anti Social Media will represent Denmark in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna singing The way you are.

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