Azerbaijan: Winning Eurovision is a national aim

by Victor Hondal 57 views

Azerbaijan's debut in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 is being regarded by the national authorities as a matter of State. The country's Government has stated that their aim is “to win Eurovision”, because “to participate would be a weak purpose”. At the same time, the Azeri selection is underway: yesterday, 15 singers were evaluated by a jury. 6 of them will proceed to the final.

The interest of the Azeri Government in the largest pan-European music event, the Eurovision Song Contest, is sky high. Vugar Jamalzadeh, an Azeri composer involved in the selection procedure, has stated that "It is necessary for Azerbaijan to win the Eurovision Song Contest". Jamalzadeh also claimed that "If our aim was only to participate, it would be a weak purpose. Our aim is to win". Asked about his favourite candidate for Azerbaijan, Jamalzadeh pointed to Emil Aliyev asaperfect entrant.

Selection process in progress

The Azeri Press Agency has also reported that the second round of the national selection process to choose a singer for Belgrade 2008 was held yesterday. 15 singers that progressed from the first heat took part in this heat, they will nowbe reduced to a shorlist of six. They will participate in the final round, to be held in an unspecified date yet.