Russia: Chef …Serebro

by Anna Krasilnikova 89 views

Serebro took part in the popular Smak TV show where they demonstrated that they cannot only perform well on stage but also in the kitchen . Their dishes of choice were all italian not only because they just came back from a concert in Italy but also as they are great fans of italian cuisine in their everyday life. According to ladies, it was one of the funniest shoots they had had in a while. No one made them laugh as much as Ivan Urgant, the host of the show did, they stated.

Serebro, the girl band who represented Russiain the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki accepted and invitation to take part in the popular Smak TV-show to demonstrate how well they can cook italian dishes. The band chose 3 dishes for the show: the 'Napolitano' salad, pasta with tomato and basil sauce and chicken sticks. That was no random choice as the girlswere fresh back from Italy where they gave a concert.

Lena, Olga and Marina admitted that it was the funniest show they ever took part in. "We had a feeling that Ivan Urgant wanted to see how many jokes he can make and time himself", says Lena Temnikova, the leader vocalist, who never stopped smiling. "We believe that this show is made by happy people! Just imagine how much laughter they have during each shoot" – said Marina Lizorkina and Olia Seryabkina – "Still we managed to complete our mission and cooked 3 different dishes right on time".

You can see the photos from the show by clicking here.