'Eurovision' a play about being European

by Luis Florindo 55 views

The Portuguese theatre company, Teatro Praga, is to bring the play Eurovision to Hungary and Slovenia. The play deals with issues around the so-called “European identity” and is played by Pedro Penim, a Eurovision Song Contest fan, and André Teodósio.

Is there such a thing as European identity? Does the Old Continent has a past as old as its age? Does this past bind or separate? Can we understand each other if we speak thirty-five different languages? These are some of the issues raised by the play that rather than answered raise even more questions.

Teatro Praga decided to call the play Eurovision because at the Eurovision Song Contest people of different cultures, languages, ways of life and standards of living come together. This two-man-show is a spectacular an ironic performance that, in keeping with it's subject, is multilingual and uses many elements drwan from other branches of the arts.

The play will be this Saturday, 20 October, in Budapest, Hungary, at the Trafó – Reaktor, 8 p.m. On 25 October will bein Bistrica, Slovenia, at Gledalisce 2B – Kulturni dom Joza Azmana, 7 p.m.