Marija Serifovic victim of car theft

by Laura Gudim 116 views

Marija �erifović, the Serbian winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, has had her two cars stolen from outside her flat in Belgrade.

Marija had only been driving her Touareg jeep, worth €60 000, for one day, and she was very attached to her BMW 325, worth around €25 000. The singer was sitting in her flat in New Belgrade unsuspectingly when the thieves set to work outside the building. At first, Marija thought she was the victim of a prank by her manager, Saša Mirković. When it was made clear that she had been the victim of car theft, the incident was reported to the police. Marija is said to be devastated, as she had paid for the cars with money earned by her concerts. No other car in the car park was touched.