Tereza : Chosen by Princess Grace

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On November 16th, Croatian star Tereza Kesovija will give a concert in Parisian famous hall, L'Olympia. The latest issue of French music magazine “Platine” published a 3-page interview on the singer, with details on the French career of the lady. Tereza represented Monaco in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest and Yugoslavia six years later.

In her interview with Platine magazine, Tereza was naturally asked abouther two Eurovision participations.About her first attempt (for Monaco in 1966), Tereza said that the Monegasque selection had three contenders : Isabelle Aubret (France 62 & 68), a manwhose name she could not recall and herself. The hearing took place in a theatre in Monaco. As far as she remembers, the boy was first eliminated, then Isabelle Aubret. After the results wereannouncedby the jury she was presented to the members, amongstwhich were Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. "Later, Iwas told that the Prince didn't vote for me and that it was the Princess Grace's vote which helped me win the selection", Tereza remembers. But why didBien plus fort finishlast at Eurovision ? Tereza is very clear about that: "It wasn't a good song at all", she declares. The song was afterwards recorded in Croatian as well, something that Tereza says it had to be done.

On her second Eurovision experience, the ladysays : "They wanted me for Yugoslavia, so I went for it and placed better".An interesting Youtube video shows Tereza performing live an acoustic version of "Muzika i ti", half in French, half in Croatian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ed-eTlNs-4

For more information onTereza's concert click here. To purchase Platine Magazine click here.

A special thank you to Jean-Louis Camet for his contribution to the article.

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