La Compagnie Créole celebrate 25-year career

by Dominique Dufaut 119 views

The famous band La Compagnie Créole is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their career with a new mega-mix of their hits. The medley begins with part of the song that they entered in the 1983 French selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, “Vive le Douanier Rousseau” (le Douanier Rousseau was a French painter).

Unfortunately, the band missed the opportunity to go to Munich; French voters gave the ticket to the much more "classic" singer, Guy Bonnet. La Compagnie placed second, but they had their revenge when they sold a lot of records with the "failed" song. That huge success was not a complete surprise as they already had a very big hit in 1982, "C'est bon pour le Moral". Throughout the 80's, the musicians and singer – who all came from the French Antilles and from Guiana – recorded a big number of upbeat songs that are still very popular in France.

Next week, La Compagnie Créole will give two concerts in Paris. In December, La Compagnie will tour the French Antilles, and they will spend nearly one month in Canada in February and March.