Estonia decides on 2nd February

by Benny Royston 173 views

Estonian broadcaster, ERR has confirmed to that Eurolaul the national final to select the country's 2008 Eurovision Song Contest entry will take place on 2nd February 2008, not on February 9th as reported in the local media.

Eurolaul will feature ten songs, six of which are commissioned by the broadcaster and four songs will be from open entries submitted by the public. The preselection of the open entries will be judged by a jury to decide on which four songs will go forwards to the final. The deadline for submissions will be 26th October and the announcement of the songs and songwriters will be announced in a short broadcast in early November.

Entries must be submitted only by Estonian citizens or foreign artists who are permanent residents of the country. As previously reported on, the voting system will remain the same as last year according to ERR. This means double televoting by first choosing the top 3 songs and then choosing the winner with a second televote.