Mumiy Troll on tour

by Anna Krasilnikova 88 views

Mumiy Troll, who represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001, will launch a tour mid-October in support of their new album AMBA. The first part of the AMBA-tour will cover a number of cities of the Far East (the tour will start in Vladivostok), Siberia and the South of Russia. When asked if it�s cold to start a tour in the middle of fall, Ilya Lagutenko, the leader of the band said the weather is not a problem for the tour because �the tigers feel fine in Taiga even in winter!� (AMBA means �tiger� in native tongue of Udege people).

Every Mumiy Troll’s tour is special. The AMBA-tour has even more reasons to be that for both the group and its spectators: in every city there’s going to be not only the Mumiy Troll’s concert, but also special honoured guest performances by the group’s friends including foreign ones.

The concerts of the AMBA-tour are going to be accessible from every corner of the world where Internet connections exist. During the concerts spectators will be allowed to shoot photo and video. Anyone can also take part in creating the video accompaniment of the AMBA concerts. To take part shoot a video for any Mumiy Troll’s song and pass it to the group management before the 16th of October. The short film will be included on screen during the show.

In addition Mumiy Troll is holding a contest for the best dance for the song “Koroleva Roka (The Queen of Rock)". To take part in the contest, shoot a video of a dance, using close-up (with legs visible at least to the knees) and pass in to the group’s management in any format (DVD, VHS, or place the video into the Internet and send the link). The winner will get a special prize from Mumiy Troll themselves. For any questions regarding sending or passing the video, enquire to [email protected].

The album AMBA was released earlier this summer and includes 10 tracks all composed by Ilia Lagutenko.

Album track list:

  1. RU.DA
  2. Kak budto
  3. Bermudi
  4. Yadovitaya zvezda
  5. Bandi
  6. I esli chestno
  7. Kogda ty byla
  8. Koroleva Roka
  9. Svideteli
  10. Gori. Eto vse

You can listen to allof themby visiting the official website by visiting (here).