Tonight: four JESC live shows!

by Marcus Klier 89 views

Tonight, three countries – Belgium, Cyprus and Bulgaria – will choose their participants for the fifth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam on 8th December. Furthermore, the second semi final of the Dutch selection will take place.


The Bulgarian final will be held at 17:30 CET (18:30 local time) at the NDK hall in Sofia. 18 songs had been submitted to broadcaster BNT and ten were chosen for tonight's show. The winner will be chosen by televoting and SMS voting. The complete list of participants is yet to be announced.


The four music acts chosen during th two semi finals will compete tonight to become Belgium's fifth representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Junior Eurosong will be aired on EÉN and VRT at 20:10 CET. The winner is expected to be announced at 22:25 CET andwill be chosen by televoting although there is also a jury that comments on the performances.

List of participants:

  1. De Dalton Sisters – Verander de wereld (Change the world)
  2. Bab – Laat mij gerust (Leave me alone)
  3. Trust – Anders (Different)
  4. Mijn Broer En Ik – Knallen (Banging)


The Cypriot national final will take place at 21:15 CET, hosted by Giannis Charalampous. The show will be aired live on CyBC 1 and RIKsat and tomorrow at 16:45 CET. The winner will be chosen by televoting (50%) and a professional jury (50%) and is going to be Cyprus' fourth representative in the Junior contest. Christina Christofi and Luis Panayiotou, who represented Cyprus inBukares last year, will perform a remix version of their own entry Agoria – Koritsia.

The list of participants:

  1. Giannis Karagiannis – Chrisa ftera
  2. Eleana, Emily, Eva & Margarita – Mia zoi olo rithmo
  3. Giorgos Ioannou – S.O.S.
  4. Christodoula Tsaggara – Soste to perivalon
  5. Giannis Ioannides – I mousiki dinei ftera
  6. Dimitra, Georgia, Stefanie & Nakis – Pediki zografia
  7. Elena Manouri – I zoi mas mia mousiki
  8. Antonis Poullis – Thelo na grapso melodia


At 19:00 CET, the second semi final of the Dutch selection will be held. Another five candidates are going to perform their songs and a mixture of televoting, an expert jury and a children's jury will choose the two that will join Lisa, Amy en Shelly(Adem in, adem uit) and Renaldo & Nigel (Tril met die bil) in the final.One of the six non-qualifiers of the two semi finals will get a wildcard through an internet poll which will kick off richt aftertonight's show.

The list of participants:

  1. Famke – Als je echt iets wilt
  2. Gaia – Zingen is leven
  3. Sergio en Dion – Jij hoort bij ons
  4. Zanna – Zeg me wereld
  5. Switch – Switch