Dima Bilan in new TV programme

by Anna Krasilnikova 82 views

Dima Bilan took part in a new TV show called “CTC zazhigaet superzvezdu” (CTC Channel lights up the Superstar). A reality show, the main concept of which is the quest for new singers, kicks off tomorrow, September 29th on CTC channel at 19:00 (Moscow Time)

In the new TV show Dima Bilan was honoured the role of the jury. His responsibility is to judge equally, be objective and honest, give recommendations, comment on each contestant and sometimes sing with them, if considered necessary!

As the shooting of the show took place earlier this month, it wassaid that Dima Bilan had his own preferences. Those, considered lucky, received more points from the runner up of the 51st Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens.

Photographs are available here