Belgium: A surprise from Australia for Loïc Nottet

by Fernando Méndez 1,971 views

The young Belgian entrant for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has started the year with a beautiful gift, and you could say also that with one successful deed. As a number of media in Belgium have published, the singer Sia has spotted Loïc Nottet, and she has shown her appreciation for his artistic quality too. Why? Keep reading…

Loïc Nottet was the runner up of the 3rd season of The Voice Belgique last year. Now he is the Belgian representative in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Between The Voice and his selection for the Contest the young artist did not stand (or sit) still. He holds a YouTube channel that he has been feeding with videos of covers of songs, the last one being Chandelier, originally sung by the worldwide famous Australian artist Sia. This cover is not just a recording of the track, but quite an elaborate video-clip that shows Loïc singing and dancing around a derelict building that recalls the ambiance displayed in Sia’s original video. It was uploaded in October 2014.

Among the tally of views that Nottet’s video has collected so far, there is a very special one. Sia herself found the video, and it can be asserted that she is pleased with what she saw: she shared Loïc’s cover video through her own Twitter account, adding that This is incredible video and choreography of chandelier. This tweet was noticed and published by different French-language media, including the Belgian broadcaster RTBF (in charge of Belgium’s entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest).

The year could not have a more magical start for the singer. When I found it I screamed in joy. I didn’t believe my eyes, and I don’t believe them yet, said Nettet when speaking about Sia’s tweet, as published by Sudpresse. A year ago no one knew me. Now people recognize me in the street and even Sia knows I exist, he added.

During 2014 Loïc Nottet has seen his life change and evolve. He started the year as an unknown entrant in a talent show and he ended it with a record label and the announcement of his selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

2015 will be the year of his participation and surely much more. And this year began with the wonderful present of the recognition for his work by a renowned artist.

You could see it as if he had received twelve points from Australia. Well, imagine what he might be able to do next…

Loïc Nottet will compete for Belgium in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. The country won in 1986 with J’aime la vie, sung by Sandra Kim.

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