Dutch Bearforce1 interested for 2008

by Steve Holyer 62 views

Bearforce1 – the four man disco-inspired singing group that exploded onto the world wide web after the Amsterdam Gay Pride celebration in August – has expressed interest in representing the Netherlands at the next Eurovision Song Contest. Still no details of the 2008 Dutch selection are known at this time.

The editors at esctoday.com have certainly seen the Bear quartet from the Netherlands popping up on the internet ever since they released their first single last month in conjunction with Amersterdam's Gay Pride festivities, and it couldn't escape the editors' notice that the group's management has told songfestival.web-log.nl it is interested in serving the Netherlands in Belgrade next May.

For those not already in the know, many gay men who are heavy-set or hairy or bearded call themselves "Bears", and they have built up an entire Bear sub-culture within the gay communities in recent years. As the group says on their homepage, "No smooth-looking boy band, we're four furry friends whose passion for singing and performing brought us together." Thanks to news of the Dutch group's first video spread by pop culture bloggers like Perez Hilton more then 777,000 YouTube visitors have seen these Bears.The group has even spawned it's own share of straight YouTube lip-synchers (and their girlfriends) eager to show how Bear-y they can be.

Are the Bearforce1 guys perfect Eurovision Song Contest material? Watch the YouTube video (if you're not one of the 777,000+ people who have already seen it) and let esctoday.com know in the reactions section below.

According to songfestival.web-log.nl Gerard Joling (1988), Mich Harren and Spinvis have also expressed interest to represent The Netherlands.

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