Armenia: song title and lyrics for Rotterdam revealed

by Marcus Klier 302 views

Armenian broadcaster AMPTV has revealed the song title and the lyrics of the song for their debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on 8th December: The entry will be called Erazanq (A dream) with the lyrics written by Sargis Mzikyan and the music composed by Marianna Javakhyan. As published earlier, Armenia will be represented in Rotterdam by the group Arevik.

The lyrics (Armenian version):


Mets erknqum paylogh astgher
Dzez khndrum em indz hima tareq verev,
Vor erknqic nayem nerqev,
Im paylov varem ayntegh siro luyser.

Im lav sirun, poqrik lusin,
Qez khndrum em yes indz dir qo usin,
Togh erkusov paylenk u shoghank, vor
Bolorin tva, te ka erku lusin.

Erazanqneri bariperi, qez khndrum enq
Mer eraze var du katarir,
U manuknerin anhog, bari
Anhamar erger, urakh orer du pargevir.

U manuknerin, u manuknerin du anhog orer pargevir.

Togh vor tanenq mez het aysor
Voghj astghere, vor tvum en heru, bayc mot.
Ajd zhamanak ardenmenq el dzez pes
Kpaylenq u kshoghanq arevi pes.

Hey-hey, sirun lusin, bark arev anmar,
Mez hamar garunner bereq luse,
Nor erger u ser.

The lyrics (English translation by AMPTV):

A dream

Stars, shining above in a big sky
Please take me up with you
For I need to look at the Earth
And burn the lights of love with my glow
My dear beautiful and small moon,
I ask you to carry me on your shoulder
Let us shine and glow
Like there are two moons in the sky

Dear fairy of our dreams
We ask you to make our bright dreams come true and
Please favor with innumerable songs and joyful days
All light-hearted and kind children
And favor all kids with joyful days

Let us take with us today
All the stars that seem so far, but they are close
We will shine and glow then
Like everyone, like the sun
Hey-hey, beautiful moon and bright shining sun
Please bring us sunny springs
New songs and love