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The full details of the changes to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be announced shortly by the EBU, but is aware of several of the details that are believed to have been accepted as part of the plans by the EBU tv committee today. One change that we believe to have been accepted is the return of a jury vote at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In previous 'Have your say' articles, and in many reactions, Eurovision Song Contest fans and readers have called for a return to the jury system or a split between televote and jury votes. has learnt that the results of the back-up jury will have more of an impact. Of the ten countries that will qualify from each semi final only the top nine countries are guaranteed to win a place in the final. The tenth country to qualify will be the highest ranked country from the back-up jury that has not already qualified through the televote.

This change clearly shows that Svante Stockselius' comments today that the EBU has "carefully listened to the suggestions of Members and fans and we took notice of the critical remarks in the press" is not without foundation. Many fans would like to see more jury involvement.

This move is expected to be popular with fans, and will be a further method to reduce the effect of diaspora voting at the Eurovision Song Contest. This in alignment with the two semi final system expected to reduce the impact of political or neighbourly voting, is likely to lead to a fairer overall qualification process.

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Richard West-Soley

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