Lenny Kuhr to release new album

by Marcus Klier 57 views

Lenny Kuhr, one of the joint winners of the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, will release a new album this month. The CD is created to celebrate her 40 years in the music business and will contain no less than 40 songs, all sung in front of a live audience.

Celebrating this event, the singer-songwriterwill also go on atour which will be called 40 jaar verliefd- 40 years in love. Lenny Kuhr is already rehearsing so that everything works well during the official start in Eindhoven on 9th October. Later this year, Dutch broadcaster TROS will air a special show about her.

Lenny Kuhr won the Dutch national final in 1969 ahead of nine other artists with the song De troubadour she also wrote the lyrics to. At the Eurovision Song Contest itself, she was also succesful and became one of the four winners that evening. In 1982, she hosted the Dutch national final.