dog design � the Graphics of the year

by Ilari Karhapää 156 views

The Finnish graphic designer trio Ilona Ilottu, Petri Salmela and Eeva Sivola, better known as Dog Design has been named graphic designers of the year by the Finnish graphic professionals organisation Grafia Oy.They were responsible for the visual image of the Eurovision song contest 2007 in Helsinki.

The Eurovision song contest 2007 project was the most visible campaign they have done to date. The award comes for their workover the past 15 years. They havecreated book covers, stamps, posters, advertising and even interior design. Asko Murtomäki’s book Finland 12 points, that tells the history of Euroviisut, the Finnish national selection, is a very good example.

We are thrilled and pleased of course” says Ilona Ilottu, “but Eurovision was only one project that helped us to win this award. Actually we knew about it already before Eurovision!” The trio has proved today graphic design is much more than only printed matter. The jury that chose the winner wants also to underline the importance of co operation and team work. Ilottu feels the team is a kind of a safety net. “If my head is empty I can always trust Petri and Eeva to come up with some ideas and the work will go on” she says.

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