Evropsko lice to select Beovizija presenters

by Laura Gudim 67 views

Today, RTS confirmed to esctoday.com that the reality-style programme to choose the presenters for the Serbia's 2008 Eurovision Song Contest 2008 national final, Beovizija, is to be called Evropsko Lice (European Face). There will be 20 weekly shows, during which one lucky couple from 24 will be chosen.

Maja Nikolić and Branislav Trifunović will present the programme, which is due toaunch at the end of this month or beginning of October. The scheduling will be finalised within the next two weeks.

The couples participating in the show will not, as previously thought, be automatically picked to host the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, although RTS has confirmed to esctoday.com that couples from the show may be shortlisted to host the international event.

About a thousand people have applied so far, both well-known and unknown, and 48 candidates will be chosen on the basis of thir knowledge of foreign languages and general culture. An expert jury comprised of theRTS head of entertainment Sandra Suša, Darko Kamarit and the presenterNataša Miljković, will select the 24 couples. They will also offer advice to viewers during the show but the public will decide the outcome of the series through a series of SMS votes.

The candidates will be trained over the months to come, and the successful pair will be chosenin a grand final shortlybefore Beovizija. The show will be aired on domestic television, but will not be broadcast over the internet.

RTS have confirmed that many known personalities have entered, but are refusing to give any unfair advantage by naming them before the show begins. According to localpress and personal annnouncements, applicants include the model Anđelija Vujović, the Swedish presnter of Serbian origin Jovan Radomir and Ekstra Nena, the singer who performed the last ever Eurovision Song Contest entry for Yugoslavia, with the song Ljubim te pesmama in 1992.