Eurovision 2015: ORF reveals the stage

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,233 views

ORF, the Austrian national broadcaster has revealed the stage for the forthcoming 2015 Eurovision Song Contest scheduled to be held in Vienna next May.

Building  Bridges the 2015 Eurovision motto and slogan will blend in in very well with the 2015 Eurovision stage at the Wiener Stadthalle next May when Austria will welcome the world for the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, combining the world’s largest musical event in a unique way. Countries and people from different cultural roots, cultures and walks of life will all be brought together under one roof. This is the vision that will be seen by millions of viewers across the globe.

The concept – The Vision (The Eye)

The concept behind this year’s Eurovision stage envisages this vision and scene via the haptic eye! A countless number of cylindrical pillars symbolizing the participating countries will depict and form a giant eye, thus dominating the arena with a visual statement. The eye  itself will be play a key role as a gateway and bridge between the artists, delegations and the audience all over the world.

The creative team

The creative team behind the 2015 Eurovision stage will consist of 2 prime time Emmy winners Florian Wieder (Creative Producer and Production Designer) and Al Gurdon ( Lighning Designer). They will be joined by Grimme Award winner Kurt Pongratz (Chief Director/Senior producer).

ORF’s TV director Ms. Kathrin Zechner is very happy and pleased with the stage design:

The vision for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will be the bridge that will connect the past, the present and the future together. The eye is a symbol of this bridge – a mutual respect between countries, cultures and people. Hence to bring about this artistic vision, top national and international professionals have been brought together in order to showcase a magnificent show with an extraordinary stage and make Austria proud of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Stage Design

The stage will consist of a 44-meter-wide eye formed by a total of 1,288  individual cylindrical pillars. The stage will be 14.3 meters high and 22 meters in depth. LED technology will be used on the front of the cylindrical pillars in order to produce a wide variety of lighting effects.  The stage surface of the eye will have a width of 14.2 meters and a continuous bottom LED screen measuring 11 meters in diameter. A 26 meter wide and 8.5 meter high LED wall will be placed in the background of the eye’s structure.

The countdown to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has kicked off as thousands of Eurovision fans will be landing in the majestic Austrian capital next May, around 1600 accredited journalists and delegations from 39 countries are expected to arrive in Vienna. Preparations are already in full swing in Austria as ORF, the 2015 Eurovision host broadcaster is working round the clock in order to showcase an extraordinary and entertaining show.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 19, 21, and 23 May at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria.

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