Cyprus: The qualified candidates from the second audition

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The Cypriot Eurovision Song Project just revealed 5 more acts that made it through to the next round of the country’s national selection.

The second audition of the Cypriot selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast by the country’s television CyBC on 14 December.

The candidates performed each one cover of past Eurovision entries and their national selections. The songs were not sung in full.

The jury, consisting of Elena Patroklou, Alex Panayi, Despina Olympiou and Tasos Trifonos, cast their “Yes” and “No” as follows (the artists who obtained at least three “Yes” qualified):

  • Christina Tselepou; sang Waterloo and In these arms: 4 Yes.
  • Valence; sang Only love survives and Scared: 4 Yes.
  • Charalampous “Luna” Iosif; sang Hold me now and Call for me: 4 No.
  • Lady Ava; sang Go and The key is love: 4 No.
  • Pieros Kezou; sang Power to all our friends and Said it all before: 4 Yes.
  • Kostas Archontous; sang Hold me now and Steko akoma: 1 Yes (Olympiou) 3 No (Panayi, Patroklou and Trifonos).
  • Maria Moskofian and Christiana Chatziiordanous; sang Is it true and Sailing ships, pirates and dragons: 4 Yes.
  • Ioanna Protopapa; sang Touch my fire and Beat of my heart: 3 Yes (Panayi, Patroklou, Plympiou) 1 No (Trifonos).

With these results, the list of qualified candidates that will compete is the Cypriot Eurochallenge is the following so far:

From the first audition:

  • Eva Diva
  • Emily Charalampous
  • Charalampous “Luna” Iosif
  • Maria Evangelou

From the second auditition:

  • Christina Tselepou
  • Valence
  • Pieros Kezou
  • Maria Moskofian and Christiana Chatziiordanous
  • Ioanna Protopapa

The third audition will be broadcast on 21 December. You can read all details about the Eurovision Song Project here.

Cyprus joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. The country has not won yet and its best position has been the fifth, attained by Anna Vissi with Mono i agapi, Hara and Andreas Constantinou with Mana mou and Lisa Andreas with Stronger every minute. Is Cyprus’s first winner among the participants in the Eurovision Song Project, maybe? We’ll see…

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