Belarus: Running order revealed

by Pete Lewis 226 views

The running order for the Belarusian national final for their Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2015 has been revealed by the national broadcaster, BTRC.

Earlier this week 100 acts auditioned for the honour to compete in the national final, which takes place on December 26, and on Friday BTRC revealed the 15 lucky acts. 

The running order

  1. NAPOLIMy dreams
  2. LisAngel
  3. Daria Love is my colour
  4. GuneshI believe in a miracle
  5. Yana Butskevich & MuzzartTolko tantsuy
  6. Valeria SadovskayaSummer love
  7. RostanyElectric toys
  8. JanetteSupernova
  9. Alexy GrossStand as one
  10. MilkiAccent
  11. Uzari & Maimuna Time
  12. BeatrisFighter
  13. Vitaly VoronkoDrive
  14. Anastasia MalashkevichDon’t save my name
  15. Tasha OdiGiving up on your love

In the national final, all 15 acts will perform their potential Eurovision Song Contest entries and the winner will be decided by a combined public and jury vote.

Earlier this year, Teo represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. After finishing 5th in the semi-final, he managed to place 16th in the grand final with his song Cheesecake.

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