Mette Elkjær & David Jørgensen to dance for Denmark

by Marcus Klier 108 views

Denmark has decided: Mette Skou Elkjær and David Kim Ehlers Jørgensen will represent Denmark in the first edition of the Eurovision Dance Contest to be held in London on 1st September. The couple has won the Danish national final ahead of Lotte Rodenberg & Kristjan Vellejus and Maija Salminen & Martin Reichhardt. They were the favourites of both the jury and the televoters.

Mette and David, both 19 years old, have already gained many successes and finished 6th as a Latin in couple in the latest Danish championships and 7th as a Standard couple. They come from Veijle and Århus in Jutland and have been dancing since their childhood.

With the Danish dancing couple chosen, only one country is left to decide for London: Finland will hold its national final tonight.