Belarus: Rybak’s song is revealed

by Robin Scott 3,156 views

Alexander Rybak is one of the names which is synonymous with the Eurovision Song Contest.

He may have won the 2009 edition of the show for Norway but he was born in Minsk, Belarus.

In previous years he has written for the Norwegian Final of 2013 and last month was in the Maltese Final for the 2015 contest. Annsof sang I’m with you, placing 4th and Franklin Calleja sang Still here placing 5th.

This year he has decided to enter the selection process for the land of his birth and, on, is quoted as saying that his song aims to show the Belarusian culture and soul in a modern way – and to bring a message about the importance of not forgetting one´s roots.

The performers were chosen after a series of auditions which took place in four cities around the country. In the end five girls were selected out of the hundreds that presented themselves. Their names are Tatsiana Stakhouskaya, Marina Putnikova, Taya Serikova, Victoria Nazarko and Anna Rai.

He named the group Milki, which is translated as ‘sweet’ and the song is entitled Accent.

The Belarus National Final takes place on 26 December 2014.

The audio has been released for us to enjoy.

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