Spain: Patricia Kraus brings a concert to a successful close

by Robin Scott 345 views

The second edition of el Festival de Jazz en el Tyce has come to an end with a former Spanish Eurovision representative.

The festival was very successfully organised by the provincial government of Guadalajara.

It fell to Patricia Kraus to bring the event to a close. It was widely reported that the concert was an amazing spectacle and that it was supported very well by the public. Ms Kraus is also reported as receiving a long ovation from the audience.

In the description was that the climax of the proceedings was the performance with the personal style and the extraordinary voice of Patricia Kraus.

So, twenty seven years after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1987 in Brussels, she is still as well received as ever. That year TVE chose the artist internally and she sang No estás solo (You’re not alone) and came 19th.

Patricia Kraus sings No estás solo

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