Spain: Sergio Dalma’s roots and memories

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The Spanish entrant in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest is busy with his Cadore 33 tour. One of his concerts will be at the Teatre Liceu in Barcelona, the city where he took his early steps as a performer in concert halls. Sergio Dalma has visited some of these places in a tour guided by himself for El Periódico de Catalunya.

Sergio Dalma was 17 when he sang for the first time as a professional in the concert hall Sala Niza with the group Stils. In the beginning he did backing vocal or sang covers of songs of the 60s . He had to go to work accompanied by his dad then, as he was not yet of age and the halls were actually clubs where the younger could not enter alone.

As the artists relates in his guided visit recorded by El Periódico, in Sala Niza he met artists that encouraged him to move to other places like Arnau, Scala, and even to work in TV ads.

Visiting those places, nostalgia strikes the singer. His first steps were discreet and humble performances. With my first check I bought a Renault 5, he remembers. It was a fourth-hand car, he recalls, whose license plate was B-9753-BN. I don’t even know the license plate number of my current car…

Josep Capdevila (Dalma’s actual name) sang in the disco Shadow (currently Muntaner) with his band Josep Capdevila y su Banda Sonora. This is the last place where he worked as Josep Capdevila before becoming Sergio Dalma and releasing his first album Esa chica es mía. After this, he would represent his country in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, his springboard to fame.

Sergio Dalma grew little by little to become the figure he is now, a recognized artist who will be singing in the most emblematic auditorium in Barcelona, the Teatre Liceu. This is not his first visit to the theater, as he was there already in 2010 for the closure of his Trece Tour.

The concert on 28 December in the Liceu is part of his Cadore 33 Tour, named after the title of his latest album, and it will serve as the presentation of his 25th anniversary complation #YoEstuveAllí, which includes a DVD with the recording of his concert in Madrid on 20 September 2014.

The dates of his upcoming concerts can be found in the artist’s website.

A quarter of a century and it still looks like it was yesterday when Sergio Dalma sang Bailar pegados for Spain in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. Time flies, doesn’t it?

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