Dana: 'I would definitely do Eurovision again'

by Itamar Barak 85 views

The 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana International, gave an extensive interview this weekend to Yediot Ahronot paper, for the occasion of her new album's release last week. Dana told what she has went through in the decade since her Eurovision win and reveals she still has Eurovision plans.

For the first time since her victory in Birmingham in 1998, Dana International is experiencing real success with her new album when the first 2 singles went straight to the top of the charts in Israel. In this interview Dana tells about her post-Eurovision depression. "I used to whine and mope about how I failed to enter MTV once again after 'Diva'. But then, I realized that for someone with my background, its a miracle I had actually reached the position I was in. When I was younger I never even dared dreaming of reaching MTV. Nothing stayed the same after Eurovision", Dana says.

When asked about her Eurovision experience and if she would do it again, Dana International gives a straight answer, after shehas beenquoated several times in the past she regrets her 1998 adventure. "Of course I don't regret doing Eurovision! I'm even thinking of doing it again!", she declares. When Dana is asked to refer to the changes that the Eurovision Song Contest has gone through, since 1998 (more than 40 countries competing and the block voting) and the chances of winning again she seems indifferent."I amnot thinkingin terms of winning or not. The Eurovision Song Contest is a TV show which enjoys enormous popularity and high viewing figures. Even if I end up at the 18th place I will be able to use if for my benefit. Even though I'm a former Eurovision winner, I will know how to turn an 18th position from failure to success".

If Dana International's hinting towards the IBA wasn't clear enough so far, the reporter asked her straight forwardif all that ittakes for her to represent Israel in Eurovision againis a phone callfrom IBA, she does not hesitate answering: "Absolutely! I will happily go to Eurovision again. I would go, compete and fight against all my competitors there, but also has lots of fun, just for myself",Dana says.

Besides winning the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel, Dana also competed with 'Diva' in the contest's jubilee all-time contest in Denmark in 2005 and reached the 13th place.