Spain: D’Nash return!

by Fernando Méndez 748 views

After a hiatus, the Spanish band will be making a comeback with a concert in Madrid. And not only the band is coming back…

Basty, Mikel, Javi and Ony created a band that would be called D´Nash in 2005 and their first album, Capaz de todo, was launched in 2006 after huge efforts. The band participated one year later in the Spanish national selection for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, which the country’s broadcaster RTVE titled Misión Eurovisión. The band won the competition and they went on to represent their country in Helsinki. Despite the bad result, D’Nash received that year the ESC Radio Award for the best group and the best song.

Their following album was Todo va a cambiar. After that, Ony left to pursue a separate career and the band would not record a new album until Garabatos came in 2011.

After a quiet period, D’Nash are set to come back and let their fans enjoy their music and moves again. And they are going to do it on 21 December in the disco Joy Eslava in Madrid. As they say in their presentation video it’s been a while since we’ve not been together. So now is time for them to see each other and the fans again. And someone else is joining the event… Or somehow he just never left: Basty, Mikel and Javi will be again with Ony, who will return for the concert in Joy Eslava, which is at the same time a comeback and the commemoration of the concert that the four of them gave 8 years ago in the same place.

It will for sure be excellent news for the fans of D’Nash. And it must have been great to see the four members of the band together again and realize that they have not changed much since they started their career as a group. Or since they represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Though surely, the fans will mostly be longing for new projects…

The tickets for the concert are already on sale. More information can be found in the D’Nash website.

D’Nash sang I love you mi vida for Spain in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

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