Severina fans miffed over concert price

by Laura Gudim 177 views

Severina, the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest representative for Croatia, was once again broiled in controversy yesterday due to the 100 Croatian kuna (ca. 13�) price of her concert in her native Split.

The 35-year-old singer performedon the terrace ofthe popular Tribu nightclub, and was dressed "in a decent and chaste manner."

Although the venue was expected to be packed on the eve of the national holiday, the Assumpion of Mary on the 15th of August, this did not happen due to the 100 Croatian kuna ticket price. The people of Split, known for their temperament, were divided: some sang along with Severina whilst others stated that there was no longer a place for her in their city.

Controversy has already hit the singer after a private sex video of Severina found its way onto the Internet in 2004. Severina finished an unlucky 13th at the Athens contest in May 2006 with her song Moja Štikla.