Dance Contest running order decided

by Benny Royston 71 views

Switzerland, the first winners of the Eurovision Song Contest will become the first country to participate at the Eurovision Dance Contest in London on September 1st. The running order for the new competition was decided in London last night.

The draw was made in a similar way to last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with countries first drawn into groups under the supervision of an auditor, then placed in order to maximise the variety of performances for the live show.

Each country will be represented by a pair of dancers and each pair will perform two dances. The television audience will then vote for their favourite pair. Another similarity with the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is that voting lines will open at the start of the show. Each country will reveal their results in traditional Eurovision Song Contest style, announcing their points from one to eight, then ten and finally twelve points.

The full running order draw:

01 Switzerland
02 Russia
03 The Netherlands
04 United Kingdom
05 Austria
06 Germany
07 Greece
08 Lithuania
09 Spain
10 Ireland
11 Poland
12 Denmark
13 Portugal
14 Ukraine
15 Sweden
16 Finland