Return for Monaco possible

by Michael Kuipers 116 views

Monaco, the smallest Eurovision Song Contest nation, skipped the 2007 event in Helsinki due to a feeling that Monaco was at a disadvantage when compared to other nations, due to its size. However, a return in Belgrade is not entirely out of the question, as Télé Monte-Carlo have confirmed that the decision has not been taken yet.

Monaco returned to the contest in 2004 after a 25-year break, but they failed to end outside the bottom 5 in the semi final with any of their 3 entries this decade. However, a change in the fortunes of Andorra which saw Anonymous reach the 12th position in Helsinki, only a few points away from qualification, may be a positive signal to the Monégasque broadcaster.

Monaco won the competition in 1971 with Séverin's Un banc, un arbre, une rue, but another Séverine, Ferrer this time, could only manage 14 points and 21st place in the semi final in Athens after a rather tuneless performance of La coco danse.

Austria also skipped a year before returning in 2007, meaning that there is a precedent for this situation. Should TMC decide favourably on a return in 2008, this would add Monaco to the likes of Slovakia, Azerbaijan and even San Marino in terms of potential new or returning nations in Belgrade.