Romania: Morandi's new video clip Afrika shot in space

by Aris kalimeris 67 views

Morandi, the Romanian pop group that tried their hand this year for the Eurovision Song Contest this year at the Romanian National Final with the songs �Dracula my love� (composed by Marius Moga) and �Crazy� (performed by Morandi and Wassabi) , have released their new video clip for their song �Afrika�.

Their new album that is going to be released soon will be titled "N3XT" whilethis is the first video clip from this album. Especially for this clip, produced by Marius Moga himself, there have been lots of discussions about the concept and the story of the video clip. In the press conference that was held yesterday, Marius declared that:” The idea came from the internet. The astronomers discovered recently a planet similar to earth that was named Gliese. So, we thought to film our video clip there.”

The video clip was shot at Turnu Magurele. Randi and Moga were dressed like astronauts and when they land on the red planet, theyget attacked by a wild tribe of women. It was very hard to be filmed with our costumes on because they were not perfectly created for this purpose and we were hitting our heads into the masks. The heat made it also more difficult” said Randi and Moga.

Their new cd album will be released soon and will have the title "N3XT". This is the third album of the very successfull Romanian pop band Morandi.

Here you can watch the clip of the song Afrika

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