Albania: Dr. Flori passes away

by Helio Qendro 1,500 views

Lyricist of the 2006 Albanian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest and past participant of Festivali i Kenges, Dr. Flori passed away a few days ago.

Florian Kondi or as known to the public Dr. Flori was a very famous singer in Albania with a lot of hit songs released. In 1996, while in high school, he forms one of the first r’n’b boy-bands in Albania called West Side Family. After they broke up, Dr. Flori went on to his solo career. His most notable works are: Origjinale with Aurela Gace (2011 Albanian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest), which was the first Albanian song to surpass 1 million views on You Tube at the time, Ca na ke a summer hit and also some of his most recent work is with Albanian comedian and singer Ermal Mamaqi, songs known for a tone of humor and sarcasm.

You can listen to some of his work below:

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