UK: Channel 4 say no to JESC

by Benny Royston 235 views

After a wave of interest on the internet about The United Kingdom's third oldest broadcaster, Channel 4, taking up the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and returning the country to the competition, contacted the company to find out if there were any plans for participation.

Unfortunately for British fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Channel 4 have denied any plans to pick up the show, and according to the channel commissioner, there is "no intention to pick up the show" at the moment.

The United Kingdom participated in the first three competitions through the Independent Television broadcaster. The show was aired on ITV2, a digital channel and was never broadcast live on terrestrial television in the United Kindgdom. The country took 3rd place at the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and 2nd place a year later. Fortunes dropped in 2005 with a 14th place finish. ITV then withdrew from the show and the United Kingdom has not participated since then.