Spain: Following Ruth Lorenzo…

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The Spanish Eurovision star has been working these past days, but she had also had some time for celebrations… Wanna know why…?

Ruth Lorenzo did not take a break after the launch of Planeta Azul. And it does not look like she is going to take one shortly.

Last week she was on stage in Madrid singing at the Palacio de los Deportes of the Spanish capital city. Ruth was one of the artists featuring in the charity concert Por Ellas, organized by the Spanish radio station Cadena 100 in support of the struggle against breast cancer. The event was opened by the Spanish renowned singer Luz Casal.

Ruth came out on the stage with her Eurovision entry Dancing in the rain. The song was followed by a live presentation of the first single from Planeta Azul. We had already seen the video; that was prove that Ruth can dance. But if there were still any hesitations about her dancing skills, Ruth provided further evidence that she can put a routine into practice and move to the beats of her songs on the stage. This performance is a must…

The closing of her part in the concert Por Ellas was a beautiful duet with her good friend Xuso Jones. Their cover of John Legend’s All of me was not just pretty: there was magic in the air that night in Madrid, and Ruth and Xuso were the magicians.

Ruth Lorenzo with Xuso Jones

Ruth was not the only Eurovision artist in Por Ellas. Sergio Dalma accompanied the singer Vanesa Martín for her closing act (each female artist had a male guest).

You can enjoy the whole concert with the video uploaded by Cadena 100.


Ruth has put a good deal of work for the promotion of Planeta Azul. And the album is doing pretty well.

But work is not everything in life… Even a hard-working singer like her has time for her birthday, which was last Monday (10 November). For the occasion Ruth treated herself with a visit to the Observatorio Fabra in Barcelona. But that is not the last of the celebrations: her track Noche en blanco is the song of this week at the online store iTunes, where it can be downloaded for free for a limited time.

Ruth’s album of the Observatorio Fabra.

Maybe she had a cake for her birthday. That we do not know (yet). But if there was a sweet cherry to top a birthday cake with, that would be the latest Spanish Eurovision representative with two Eurovision legends. And Ruth Lorenzo could get that because she had the privilege of meeting Azúcar Moreno. The picture that Ruth took with the two stars was posted by her in her official Facebook page with pride and recognition to the Salazar Sisters. Not that they were announcing any upcoming joint act… But dreaming is for free…

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Dancing in the rain.

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A bit late, maybe, but you can leave your birthday wishes to Ruth Lorenzo in a comment below. And let us know how you like Ruth’s live dancing aptitude!