France to be Danzing next!

by Benny Royston 89 views

Verka Serduchka, the Ukrainian participant and runner-up at this year�s Eurovision Song Contest, will release her song Danzing in France at the end of this month.

Verka finished second at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki earlier this year and her Album simply untitled Verka, the Album will be released in France with the mention “Number 1 in Ukraine” on the cover, but no mention of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The last Eurovision Song Contest winner to be released commercially in France was Sertab Erener's Every way that I can back in 2003. The country is considered 'closed to Eurovision' with relatively low viewing figures and public interest, although that seems to be slowly changing thanks to music producer and Head of Delegation, Bruno Berberes.

Many believe that the country is not yet ready to support the release of the songs from the Eurovision Song Contest in their market. This year’s French entry, l’amour à la française by les fatals picards was not released. Can Verka change French musical attitudes? The song was a shock chart entry in the United Kingdom, another country notorious for poor record sales for Eurovision Song Contest entries. She became the first entrant for 34 years to score a chart hit without singing for the United Kingdom or winning the competition when the song reached 28th place on the official top 40 chart despite only being available through downloads and not having a CD release.