Austrian dances and songs for London chosen

by Marcus Klier 57 views

Kelly & Andy Kain, who will represent Austria in the Eurovision Dance Contest on 1st September, have decided that they will perform a Jive as their first dance and a Paso Doble as their second. Furthermore, the two songs they have chosen have now been confirmed.

For the Jive, the song chosen is Boogie woogie bugle boy, a classic which was among other recorded by The Andrews Sisters and Bette Midler. The song which will be played for the Paso Doble performance is a more modern one: The black pearl, which appeared on the soundtrack of the film Pirates of the Carribean. Since the second dance of the evening is supposed to contain elements inspired bythe culture of the competing country, the Paso Doble will also contain some elements of the Vienesse Waltz.